Design Your Own Silk Scarf!

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Paint on water and create your own gorgeous silk scarf with Shibumi Silks at the Southern Vermont Art and Craft Festival.



Richard Borden and Patricia DeSantis are the dynamic duo behind Shibumi Silks – creating custom designed water marbled silk scarves and drawing crowds with their demonstrations and interactive booth display.

Visit Shibumi Silks at the Southern Vermont Art and Craft Festival to try your hand at painting with ink on water, marbling, and ultimately creating your own one-of-a-kind marbled silk scarf: a masterpiece of color and texture! Shibumi Silks will have their entire set-up waiting for you to choose your ink colors and scarf style and they will guide you in every step of this fascinating creative process! Look for their booth in the outdoor courtyard.


photo credit: Shibumi Silks

5 thoughts on “Design Your Own Silk Scarf!

  1. Hello, Can you please help? I don’t know if you are even the correct crafter. I only remember “Shibimi Silks” I made a gorgeous silk scarf at a craft show, 11/5 /2016, and got written instructions on what to do to ‘cure’ after I returned home.
    So when I got home I hung it up to dry overnight. Now I can’t find instruction list. I remember it was supposed to be rinsed again for 30 seconds, hang again 3/4 days (Ithink) another rinse? dry? So now it’s been dry since last Sunday 11/5, Is it ruined forever?
    Please can you send new written instructions please

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