Interactive Celebration of our Public Lands with Mascoma Valley Regional High School

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A special event at the First Ever Queen City Art and Craft Show: Engraving demonstrations and workshops with Mascoma Valley Regional High School Art Teacher Christopher Morse and students, with prints — on display and for sale — celebrating the beauty of the White Mountain National Forest and the New Hampshire Appalachian Trail. “This past summer, I immersed myself in the outdoors deeper than I ever have, spending several weeks continuously in the woods doing sections of the 160+ miles of the New Hampshire Appalachian Trail (NH AT),” Morse explains. “I took hundreds of photographs and with these, I encourage students to learn the art of engraving while celebrating the beauty of our White Mountain National Forest and the NH AT.”

Ghost-of-Lincoln inheritance

Engraving workshops with Morse and students will be held at 12pm and 2pm on Saturday, October 31 and Sunday, November 1 at the Queen City Art and Craft Show. Workshops will explore creating space with a variety of tones and values, linear contouring, and other techniques of drypoint engraving. Participants will receive a handpulled proof of their engraving, done by Morse, and a second copy will become part of the display.

In addition to the engraving project, Mascoma Valley Regional High School worked all last year on a mural celebrating our National Parks. The mural’s world premier debut was at the NH Samboree, North Haverhill Fairgrounds, in North Haverhill, NH. It is on display at the first ever Queen City Art and Craft Show and will then be displayed at the Mary Hitchcock Hospital in Lebanon, NH while the renovations are being completed at the High School.

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A Brand New Art Festival

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Coming to Manchester, New Hampshire: a brand new venue for Fine Art and Craftwork! The First Ever Queen City Art and Craft Show will open October 30-November 1 at the Center of New Hampshire Expo Center at the Radisson, 700 Elm Street in Manchester NH.


A new undertaking by Craftproducers, this show has a fantastic central location: an easy drive from Boston, Portland, Providence, and Brattleboro – to name just a few surrounding cities. The timing is also great: opening at just the right time to start thinking of holiday gift-buying, its also early enough that you needn’t feel guilty making purchases just for yourself. And with the quality of work that will be on display, this show is an ideal place to spend your art and fine craft purchasing dollars.

Find gifts, decor, functional pieces, jewelry, clothing, and more – all made by the Artisan Exhibitor in the booth and all the result of years of work, training, and practice. Art and Craftwork such as you will find at the Queen City Art and Craft Show are unique pieces developed and produced by an individual or small team, with each piece handcrafted and bearing the unique marks of its maker. These are not mass produced “decor”, but real Art. From coffee mugs to precious gemstone jewelry, your purchases from the Queen City Art and Craft Show will bring an element of intention to your life, an extension of the intention and attention the Artist brought to creating the piece.

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CERF’s “At the Ready” Fund

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For 30 years, the Craft Emergency Relief Fund, or CERF+, has helped artists get back on their feet after personal and natural disasters. Providing immediate financial aid through grants, no-interest loans, access to resources, waivers and discounts on booth fees, and donations of craft supplies and equipment, CERF+ allows artists from all over the USA to get back on their feet and back to creating.

Donations to CERF+’s “At the Ready” Fund will be matched by the Windgate Charitable Foundation. Help support American Artists and keep our creative economy strong. Donate to CERF+ today!

Artist Spotlight: Kimberlee Forney Art

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In the days leading up to Craftproducers Autumn Arts Festivals, we will be profiling a few of the participating Exhibitors.
If you are an Exhibitor and you would like to see your information here, email


Kimberlee Forney finds her inspiration among the beautiful Vermont landscape, within music, animals, people, and her daily surroundings. Texture and color are used in her creations to not only convey mood but to also represent the surrounding energy. For Kimberlee, being an artist is more than just about creating art. It is also about using her artwork to help benefit the lives of others. She spends a portion of her time promoting awareness about the “silent epidemic” of TBI (traumatic brain injury) and child abuse in our society. Every year, another 2 million persons in America sustain a brain injury and little assistance is available.  Kimberlee is also concerned about the epidemic of generational child abuse and the need for swift and appropriate action by our social systems to protect the children and end the cycle.


When people ask you what you “do”, how do you answer?
I create…paintings mainly.

What mediums do you work with?
Acrylic on canvas…wood.

How would you describe your subject matter?
Colorful animals and ambiguous figures embedded in a joyful and playful world of solid color or intricate backgrounds.

kimforney_cows kimforney_sheep

What are you trying to communicate with your art?
Harmony. Peace. Laughter. Joy. Lightness. Love.

What do you want your work to accomplish?
Bring a smile to the viewers face and inspire others to create.

What are you most proud of?
Using my art to promote peace and well-being in real-world situations.

kimforney_glowing kimforney_barns

How long have you been exhibiting at Arts Festivals?
My first show was probably 10 years ago…and within the past couple years I have been expanding my show schedule to many kinds of festivals in different areas.

How many shows do you do each year?
This year about 20…but next year, perhaps more…

How long have you exhibited with Craftproducers?
Not sure…maybe 5, 6 years.

What aspect of Festival life do you most enjoy?
A lot of it.. traveling to a new place…meeting people…sharing my work with people.


Which creative medium would you love to pursue but have not?
Perhaps some sculpture…but I think stained glass could be interesting too…

Do you have a designated Studio? How does this space inspire or contribute to your creative process?
I do have a space but it is not open to the public.  I work out of a basement, so there is little natural light in the space…perhaps that is why my paintings tend to be bright.


Find Kimberlee Forney online at and on facebook.
Meet the Artist and see her wonderful, inspiring work in person at the Manchester Fall Art & Craft Festival, October 4-6 at the Practice Tee at Riley Rink in Manchester VT.