About Photos

We require images of your work for jury purposes. Please email 3 photos of your work and 1 photo of your booth setup to info@craftproducers.com. You may also mail images on CD. DO NOT send printed photos or slides. If you wish your cd to be returned include a self addressed, stamped envelope.

We also use one of your images on your Artist Listing on this website. If you wish to use a specific photo for this listing or if you prefer to not have your photos used please tell us in the notes section of your application.

High quality images are sometimes used for purposes of advertising the shows and in our programs. If you do not wish to have your photos used in advertising please tell us in the notes section of your application.

Image Specs

Accepted File Types:

  • JPG (emailed or on CD)
  • TIFF (on CD)

File Sizes:

Images need to be large enough for our jury to see the work. If you would like your images to be considered for advertising and show editorial purposes, please send JPG or TIFF files with at least 300dpi and no smaller than 3×5″ (900×1500 pixels).

Taking Quality Product Photos

Often your best option to get quality photos of your work is to work with a professional photographer. If that is not an option for you, here are some resources to help you take good photos on your own:

Two main things to consider when taking your photographs are light and background. Keep the background as clean as possible. Use diffused light and avoid using your flash. Using a tripod or setting your camera on a stationary surface will help to keep your images clear and focused.