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We appreciate and seek good demonstrations in both indoor and outdoor booths. If you want to demo, please provide details with your application or call our office so that we can determine what to give you in return. Possible examples include additional space, electricity to an outdoor booth or a discounted booth rate.

Publicity and Advertising

Whatever it takes, we do. We spend the money. We advertise. Our ads are classy and visually pop out on the printed and online page. We make creative radio ads that spread the message. Our television ads showcase actual exhibitors. We develop and use a mailing list. We have individual websites for each show with…
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Check-In and Check-Out

We strive to make check-in and check-out as efficient as possible. We will send out detailed instructions for each show well in advance, so read them carefully and let us know in advance if you have questions. For each show, we will have a check-in window which is usually the day before and day of…
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Hotels, Camping, and Parking

HOTELS Craftproducers does not reserve hotel blocks for Exhibitors. We have found that online travel sites can offer you much better deals than we are able to arrange. For the Stowe Show, you should contact the local Chamber of Commerce for assistance: Stowe Area Association – www.gostowe.com – 1-877-467-8693. You should note that the weekend…
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Booth Setup and Electricity

Your display must be as professional as your work! We require a backdrop and sides for indoor booths. Your 10×10 tent or pipe and drape are acceptable. 400 watts of electricity is provided for every ten feet of indoor booth space. If you wish to purchase extra power at $50 for an additional 400 watts,…
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Restroom Facilities

For the Vermont shows, we provide wedding style restroom trailers when possible, as well as regular portable units. At the Lake George site, there is a permanent building with extremely nice facilities, so we just add portable units onto the field for extra convenience.

Etiquette and Amenities

Our procedures have been carefully established for your maximum safety, profitability, and enjoyment and must be followed. Although our management style is relaxed, we expect you to fill out forms correctly, to make timely payments, to be on time for setup and the shows, and to remain set up until the very end. We expect…
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Acts of God, etc.

If Craftproducers is forced to cancel a show due to Acts of God, Mother Nature, Governmental Order, War, Civil Unrest, Terrorism, etc., there will be no refund of booth fees. We will not issue refunds for any other liabilities whatsoever concerning the failure to fulfill this contract due to reasons of the venue being destroyed…
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