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Facts and Procedures

Facts and Procedures

  • Contact Us

    Our office phone number is 802.316.5019. Our email address is info@craftproducers.com, and the website is www.craftproducers.com. Craftproducers mailing address is Craftproducers, PO Box 300, Charlotte, VT 05445. Please give us your email address so we can send all correspondence via email. Be green! Save paper!

  • Juried Show Standards
    We seek original work that is well-designed and fabricated. No sales representatives: we want you intimately involved in displaying and selling your work at our fairs. (A bona fide employee knowledgeable about your production is acceptable.) No kits or imports are allowed. No buy/sell items are allowed. If we discover any buy/sell work at an event, we will remove the exhibitor from the show. 
    Fill out our application carefully to indicate the items you make and plan to sell at one of our juried shows. There are many items that we need to ensure are only represented by one or two exhibitors. For example, maple syrup and CBD products fall into this category. No one should sell CBD items or maple syrup unless those items are listed as their primary offering. If you apply as a 2d artist for example and want to sell a small line of your jewelry, you need to indicate it on the application so we can confirm if okay. Note that in general it is not the norm for a juried artist to make and sell multiple types of items (such as jewelry, personal care items, and sweaters). Occasionally, we have partners (meaning husband/wife, wife/wife, husband/husband) who share a booth with two different items, but this does not extend to a partnership of, say, friends who want to get a split price on a shared booth! When in doubt, just ask and we will discuss. 
    One more note on buy/sell! We receive gorgeous photos every year of shops that represent beautiful items! The point of a handmade juried festival, however, is to represent individual artists who make or design what they sell. We have non-juried shows as well, and welcome buy/sell representatives to these. 
    Starting in 2023, we plan to require working studio photos for juried events. They will not need to be professionally made photos. These will be great for social media and the website, inspire a lot of patron interest, and also guarantee the juried artists do in fact make their work. The type of exception here would be, say, a company that uses a factory for t-shirts that the exhibiting artist conceptualized and designed from the ground up. We don’t aim to penalize success! (Past examples of these were Sol Mate Socks, Eat More Kale t-shirts, and several Specialty Food exhibitors).  
    Finally, your booth presentation should be professional. We do not require white tents and we do allow handwritten signs. However, any sign you display should be professionally written and have a classy purpose. If you are unsure what that means exactly, check with a neighbor or ask. We want to allow exhibitors to showcase their booth in flexible ways and hope these guidelines do not need to be hardened in the future. Please let us know, preferably while at the show and confidentially, if we need to address an individual exhibitor that you feel does not present in a professional manner and needs a redirect. There are many components to discuss so keep the conversation going with us. We do our best and appreciate our exhibitors and their professionalism and talent.
  • Apply
    • Fill out the online application(s) to request shows, booth sizes, and to indicate whether you want corners, interior or perimeter spaces, and/or extra electricity. We try to accommodate your requests, but, due to demand, this is not always possible. Limited corners are available at a premium cost. If you have been assigned a corner, it will be listed on your invoice.
    • Note that we replace any information you provide in your this year’s application, such as email address or display name, with the information we had on file. We assume if the information is different, that you intended for it to change. So please type carefully. This also applies to the medium description, which will be used in programs and websites, so again, type it as you want the public to see it.
  • Photos/Images

    Whether you are applying for a juried show or a non-juried Marketplace, we require three images of your work and one of your booth setup. Please email images to info@craftproducers.com in JPG format, at a fairly high resolution (4×5 at 300dpi is suitable). Images may be used in advertising for the show and one will be listed on the associated exhibitor page of the website for each show. If you do not send photos, you will not be listed on the website. Printed photos or slides are not accepted. If you have exhibited with us in the past, it is likely we have your photos on file, but let us know if you want us to use a more recent photo. If you sign up very late for a show, your photo and URL(s) may not make it onto the site in time for the show. We do our best, so check the sites and communicate whenever you require a change of photo or listing.


  • Initial Application Deadline

    All applications postmarked by January 15 will be considered for the first round of acceptances, both for juried and non-juried shows. If there are any spaces open after that, acceptance will be on a first-come, first-served basis. If you put a checkmark next to a show on our application form, we consider that mark your intent to exhibit. Your signed application form reflects your commitment to do all the   to which you are applying and, as such, is your contract with us. After we accept you to any show, cancellation fees will apply.

  • Deposit and Application Fee

    Included with your application, you must enclose a single deposit of $150, regardless of the number of shows you are applying for. This deposit is required to secure your spot in one or more shows for the year. Your deposit will be applied to your last show of the year.

  • Discounts and Specialty Food Pricing

    Specialty Food Exhibitors receive an ongoing discounted price for the Stowe Arts Festival. Please note that this discount does not apply to the outdoor festivals and marketplaces, namely, Lake George Art and Craft, Lake George BBQ, or Southern Vermont Arts Festivals, since those booth fees are already significantly discounted.

  • Finder's Bonus

    Spread the word! If we accept a new exhibitor you have referred to any show, we will reward your support with a finder’s credit of $50 which will be applied as a credit to the last show on your invoice. This referral must be indicated on the new exhibitor’s application or the new exhibitor must let us know either by phone, email, or letter. “New exhibitor” means someone who has never exhibited with Craftproducers.

  • Demonstrations

    We appreciate and seek good demonstrations in both indoor and outdoor booths. If you want to demo, please provide details with your application or call our office so that we can determine what to give you in return. Possible examples include additional space, electricity to an outdoor booth or a discounted booth rate.

  • Payments and Fees

    You may pay by cash, check, post dated checks, or credit card (MasterCard, Visa, Discover or American Express). Late payment will result in a $25 late fee. Your $150 deposit will be credited toward your last show of the year. Our payment plan is very flexible. If you are having trouble meeting a deadline, just call us to explain and arrange an alternate payment plan. This is all we ask. If you do not communicate or follow through with any new agreed plan, that’s when we’ll charge the late fee. Full details will be furnished upon acceptance with an explanation of our postdated check system.

  • Notification and Cancellation Policy
    • We will send out acceptance information along with your invoice by February 16. If you cancel a show after this date, there will be a cancellation fee of $150. This amount is not refundable. Partial refunds of your full booth fee may be given based on when your cancellation is received and if we can fill your spot. No refunds are available within 30 days of a show.
    • If you apply after February 16, we should reply to you within a few days. If more than a week has passed, contact us at info@craftproducers.com. Sometimes we send invoices that get lost in your spam folder. Or, sometimes we have an incorrect email address in our records.
  • Booth Setup and Electricity
    • Your display must be as professional as your work! We require a backdrop and sides for indoor booths. Your 10×10 tent or pipe and drape are acceptable. 400 watts of electricity is provided for every ten feet of indoor booth space. If you wish to purchase extra power at $50 for an additional 400 watts, you must indicate this on your application form and it will appear on your invoice. If you want power for an outdoor booth, the price is $50 per 400 watts and you must indicate your needs on your application so we can plan our electrical layout. Extra electricity requests made at a festival may not be possible to accommodate and will incur a $100 surcharge.
    • Important Note: Although we provide electricity for indoor events, you are responsible for your own lighting! Check with fellow exhibitors for recommendations, such as using LED lights for maximum efficiency. Plan ahead to highlight your beautiful work in the best lighting possible.
  • Check-In and Check-Out
    • We strive to make check-in and check-out as efficient as possible. We will send out detailed instructions for each show well in advance, so read them carefully and let us know in advance if you have questions. For each show, we will have a check-in window which is usually the day before and day of the show. For example, for a three-day Friday-Sunday show, check-in usually begins on Thursday, often around 10am, and ends at 6pm. For those who can set up quickly, there is usually a Friday window for, say, 7am-9am, for a show beginning at 10am.
    • When you arrive, you will check in at the Check-In Station and receive a packet, which usually consists of a parking pass, two exhibitor badges (you can get more if needed), and directions to your booth. We try our best to allow you to drive as close as possible to your spot, but depending on conditions at the site, this is not always possible. Be prepared to work together. For example, we may need to let people with a physical handicap drive on the field but not others.
    • We expect everyone to stay setup until the very end of the show. For safety reasons especially, no one may drive off the site until the patrons have exited. If we work together, we can get in and out safely and efficiently.
  • Etiquette

    Our procedures have been carefully established for your maximum safety, profitability, and enjoyment and must be followed. Although our management style is relaxed, we expect you to fill out forms correctly, to make timely payments, to be on time for setup and the shows, and to remain set up until the very end. We expect every Craftproducers representative to treat you courteously, professionally, and with respect. We require all exhibitors to treat the public politely.

  • Publicity and Advertising
    • Whatever it takes, we do. We spend the money. We advertise. Our ads are classy and visually pop out on the printed and online page. We make creative radio ads that spread the message. Our television ads showcase actual exhibitors. We develop and use a mailing list. We have individual websites for each show with an Exhibitor Listing page that includes a photo of your work and link to your website or social media page. Visitors to our sites will be able to find you on our sites throughout the year and until the following January when our new season begins.


    • We are developing Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter pages for each show as we continue to employ social media to target your customers. Note that, as of 2022, we will no longer display any email addresses on our sites for security reasons. We will display one URL for you, prioritizing them by website, Facebook, Etsy, Instagram, Twitter. If you prefer we display a different URL for you, just let us know.


    • How can we work together? The information you provide in your application regarding process and awards will help us highlight you on our platforms. ALSO, we would like to make a big push toward including more video of exhibitors working in their studios. To this end, all you need do is take some video on your phone (does not need to be professional) and get it to us (by google drive or other way that works for you) so we can add it to Youtube and Link it to our Websites. Reach out and work with us on these efforts!
  • Hotels and Camping
    • Craftproducers does not reserve hotel blocks for Exhibitors. We have found that online travel sites can offer you much better deals than we are able to arrange. For the Stowe Show, you might do well to contact the local Chamber of Commerce for assistance: Stowe Area Association – www.gostowe.com – 1-877-467-8693.


    • There is free camping at the site for the Vermont shows; however, there are no hookups available. We do not have free camping onsite at the Lake George shows; however, Lake George is a camping mecca and you should be able to find many good options through your own online research.
  • Amenities

    Free camping without hookups or showers is available at all of our Vermont shows. Our traditions of bagels and coffee on Sunday, the exhibitor cocktail party, and other entertainment will continue wherever possible.

  • Restroom Facilities

    For the Vermont shows, we provide wedding style restroom trailers when possible, as well as regular portable units. At the Lake George site, there is a permanent building with extremely nice facilities, so we just add portable units onto the field for extra convenience.

  • Acts of God, etc.

    If Craftproducers is forced to cancel a show due to Acts of God, Mother Nature, Governmental Order, War, Civil Unrest, Terrorism, etc., there will be no refund of booth fees. We will not issue refunds for any other liabilities whatsoever concerning the failure to fulfill this contract due to reasons of the venue being destroyed by fire, weather, or other calamity, or by any act of God, public enemy, strikes, statutes, ordinances, or any legal authority, or any cause beyond our control. If we cancel a show by our own choice, we will completely refund your payment to that show.