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Notification and Cancellation, Insurance & Contracts, Sales Tax

Notification and Cancellation, Insurance & Contracts, Sales Tax


We will send out acceptance information along with your invoice by February 16. If you cancel a show after this date, there will be a cancellation fee of $150. This amount is not refundable. Partial refunds of your full booth fee may be given based on when your cancellation is received and if we can fill your spot. No refunds are available within 30 days of a show.

If you apply after February 16, we should reply to you within a few days. If more than a week has passed, contact us at Sometimes we send invoices that get lost in your spam folder. Or, sometimes we have an incorrect email address in our records.


Beginning the first year after COVID, insurance requirements became more strict for us as the organizer and for you as an exhibitor. Once we accept you to a show, we send a generic contract for you to sign which is required by our insurance company. In addition, you will need to provide us with EITHER a Certificate of Liability Insurance (COI) OR a signed Hold Harmless agreement. We will send a recommendation for an insurance company if  you do not already have an agent, and you will be responsible for your policy.

Getting a COI will come as a cost to you, and signing the Hold Harmless (HH) will not. However, you will be more protected if you have the insurance so it is the recommended option. For example, let’s say a storm comes up at a show and blows over your display, or your tent blows over and causes damage to someone else’s display, these are examples where having insurance may protect you. The standard coverage is for $1,000,000, but it is your responsibility, in cooperation with your insurance company, to decide on the policy that is best for you.


Every state where we do a show has individual requirements for vendors to pay sales tax. It is your responsibility to obtain the appropriate sales tax ID, for example in Vermont or New York, and to provide us with your TAX ID (the number only, not a full scan of any certificate) for our records. For example, in Vermont we are required to provide a listing of the TAX IDs to the state. If you have any questions about whether the products you sell are taxable in any state and at what rate, you need to check with the state agencies yourself to get those answers.

Meanwhile, if you are doing a show in Vermont, as of summer 2022, you can contact the Vermont Department of Taxes at PO Box 547, Montpelier, VT 05609 or call 802.828.2551. As of this time, sales tax is 6% and clothing and specialty foods are not taxed. However, the question of whether you need to have an ID and report 0$ for these items or not is a question between you and the Department of Taxes. 

If you are doing a show in New York, as of summer 2022, the URL for the New York State Department of Taxation is Go there for all information and contact them with any questions. In New York, you must display your NYS Tax ID in your booth throughout the show.

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