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Etiquette and Amenities

Etiquette and Amenities

Our procedures have been carefully established for your maximum safety, profitability, and enjoyment and must be followed. Although our management style is relaxed, we expect you to fill out forms correctly, to make timely payments, to be on time for setup and the shows, and to remain set up until the very end. We expect every Craftproducers representative to treat you courteously, professionally, and with respect. We require all exhibitors to treat the public politely.


HANDWRITTEN SIGNS in your booth are allowed, as long as they are professionally done and have a classy purpose. Please don’t be the reason we eventually have to change this rule.

Smoking is not allowed in the tents or on-site in Lake George (per park rule).

DOGS ARE NOT ALLOWED DURING THE SHOW ON THE SITE. We go to constant and exhausting efforts to advertise to patrons that dogs, except certified service animals, are not allowed at our shows. When exhibitors have a dog in their booth or walk a dog around the show, it makes it ten times harder to enforce the rule and is just not fair. If you are camping with your dog, they may reside at your campsite during the show hours.

A little backstory here is that (a) our Lake George contract requires that dogs not be allowed into the Charles R Wood Park, and (b) we used to welcome dogs in Stowe and Manchester until, over the years, we experienced multiple dog fights, a child bitten by a dog, and many complaints from exhibitors that dogs caused damages in their booth. We even had a period of time where we said dogs could be at the show but just not inside the big tents. People said okay and immediately took their dogs into the tent. So, sadly that’s the bottom line.

AMENITIES. Our traditions of bagels and coffee on Saturday or Sunday, the exhibitor gathering with snacks and variety of beverages, and other entertainment will continue wherever possible.

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